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First Sting


American Fighter Aces Series

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American Fighter Aces Series

"First Sting" depicts 1st Lt. James F. "Lou" Luma's (USAAF) first of five victories with No. 418 Sq. (RCAF) 21/22 Jan. 1944. 1st Lt. Luma is flying "Moonbeam McSwine", a D.H. Mosquito F MKII code letters TH*D, Serial No. HJ715.

Twenty miles S.W. of Wunstorf A/F, Germany, Luma encountered a Me-410. Quoted from Luma's report:

"We did a quick orbit to port, coming behind him and chasing him for about 15-20 miles. We were on his tail and gave him a 2-3 second burst of cannon and m.g. from about 250-100 yards. Pulling from about 500 ft. strikes on fuselage were followed by a ball of fire which enabled us to identify E/A as a 410. A large piece broke off to the left and he went down. The observer saw him go in and explode and burn on the ground. Two pieces of plywood were found imbedded in the leading edge of the Mosquito's starboard wing on return to the base."

This lithograph is hand signed by Mosquito Ace "Lou" Luma, and artist Roy Grinnell.

The overall size of this lithograph is 24" x 30"

1250 S&N lithographs and 50 Artist Proofs: $150.00


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