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Out of the Mist


Southwest of Hankow, China, on May 6, 1944, Col. David Lee "Tex" Hill led a group of fighters from the 23rd F.G. over Tungting Lake. Flying the second P-51B with the name of "Bullfrog," Tex was fighting in a dense mist. This eerie fog made it difficult to recognize the Japanese Nakajima Ki-43 "Oscar." Finally, a chance came from the six o'clock position. Bullets blasted into the enemy aircraft. Fire broke out in the Oscar's engine, and the right wing tore apart. The fateful enemy spun down, out of control, into Lake Tungting. This was Tex Hill's final victory, making this a most memorable day. The "Bullfrog" was Mazie Hill's nickname, but, that's another story! David Lee "Tex" Hill finished the war with 15.25 victories.

150 S&N limited edition fine art prints,
Signed by David Lee "Tex" Hill and Roy Grinnell
17 x 22 - $95.00

Note: to the best of our knowledge this is the last print that "Tex" signed before he "headed west"

100 S&N Giclees on canvas or heavy paper
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