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The Little Ambassador Speaks


On June 13, 1944, Lt. James Empey of the 5th FS, 52nd FG was flying his P-51B named "Little Ambassador" east of Munich Germany in the 4th slot of Blue Flight. Empey spotted a JU-88 below him and dove to attack. Making continuous passes on the German aircraft, avoiding enemy tracers, Empey finally saw strikes on the JU-88's engine and cockpit. The Mustang was never hit. Lt. Empey saw his fourth victory crash and burn. Lt. Empey became an Ace with five victories on June 25, 1944.

300 S&N limited edition fine art prints, signed by P-51 Ace Jim Empey and Roy Grinnell
17 x 22 - $95.00

100 S&N Giclees on canvas or heavy paper
12 x 18 - $175.00
16 x 24 - $265.00
20 x 30 - $375.00