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Joe Foss, A Proud American


Joe Foss was one of the best-known fighter pilots to emerge from WW2. Flying over embattled Guadacanal in the darkest days of the autumn and winter of 1942-43, this aggressive and talented flying Leatherneck became the first American WW11 pilot to match Captain Eddie Rickenbaker's World War 1 record of twenty-six confirmed aerial victories. Joe Foss's feat also earned him a Medal of Honor,as much for his leadership skills as his marksmanship. I recall, when he was checking Roy's work in progress on this painting he commented "Something is wrong." After looking at it for a few moments, he said "I've got it, you show a gunsight in the aircraft. I never used one, remove it." Roy did of course, so if you do not see a gunsight in his Wildcat you will know why. In this image, Joe is sitting in the cockpit of his aircraft at Guadacanal. Joe never saw the finished painting unfortunately. Note the symbolic Wildcat in the distance heading west in honor of Joe.

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