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Howard’s Medal of Honor Day


B.Gen. James H. Howard remembers his combat with a FW190 on the day that he received the Medal of Honor. Howard was a major at the time and from his book, he recalls the incident. “On that day, January 11, 1944, it was about ll:45 in the morning. I was gaining altitude and this 190 came cruising along beneath me. He pulled up into the sun when he spotted me. I gave him a squirt and I almost ran into his canopy, when he threw it off to get out of the cockpit. I saw him bail out.”
On January 11, 1944, Howard shot down 3 German fighters, damaged one and got one more as a probable. The five fighters were over NW Halberstadt Germany. From this busy combat day, Howard received our country’s highest combat award, The Medal of Honor.

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