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Greenheart Leader


Hans Ekkehard Bob was born in Freiburg, Germany in 1917. He joined the Luftwaffe in 1936 and flew the Arado 68 during the 'Czechoslovakian Crisis' With JG21. Converting into the Bf109 with JG54, he ultimately flew the C,D,E, F and G models. He was awarded the Knights Cross in November 1940 for his 19 victories and his pioneering work on the 'Jabo' fighter-bomber missions. This involved converting the Bf109 to carry a 250Kg bomb. He saw action on the Eastern Front but returned to Germany for the 'Defence of the Reich.' He rammed a B-17 for his 57th victory. Ultimately he flew the Me262 with JV44, under General Adolf Galland, finishing the war with a total of 60 victories.

Flying high escort amid the sun's last rays on August 15th, 1940, Oblt Hans Ekkehard Bob, flying 'Yellow 1' clears his tail before breaking to intercept the Hurricanes of 151 Sqn RAF. The Fighter Command unit, based at North Weald were vectored against the Do17Z-2s of KG3, attempting to raid Rochester, The Battle of Britain was reaching its height and on this day alone the Luftwaffe flew over 2,000 sorties and in reply, Fighter Command 974. Oblt Bob of 9./JG54 "Greenhearts" flew from Guines near Calais for most of the summer, scoring 19 victories.

This original oil painting of "Greenheart Leader" measures 22x36.
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