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Flash's Splashes


October 26, 1942, The Battle of Santa Cruz. The Japanese have deployed major land and naval forces to retake Henderson Field and Guadalcanal. Included are 4 carriers and 199 carrier based aircraft. Opposing is Task Force 61, carriers Hornet and Enterprise, and 136 aircraft. Today, Ensign Donald "Flash" Gordon is flying an F4F-4 Wildcat off the Enterprise with VF-10. The entire morning has been a bloody brawl between the opposing air groups. Ens. Gordon, while flying CAP at around 0940, encounters a formation of Kate's attempting to torpedo Hornet, who has already been badly hit. "Flash" disrupts this attack by flaming 2 of the Kate's and damaging a 3rd. For the American's the day ended a strategic victory as Henderson Field is not retaken, but with the loss of Hornet, a damaged Enterprise and the loss of 24 aircrew. Japan, the tactical victor, never recovered from the loss of her 148 experienced aircrew. Donald "Flash" Gordon will finish the war with 5 victories, 1 probable, and 2 damaged.

300 Limited Edition S&N lithographs signed by Ace Donald "Flash" Gordon and Roy Grinnell
Size: 17" x 22" - $95.00

100 S&N fine art giclees (Artist only signed) on heavy art paper or canvas
are available in the following sizes and price ranges:
12x18 - $175.00
16x24 - $265.00
20x30 - $375.00