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Combat over Nanking


Pan-Yang Wong (John Wong) was born in Seattle, Washington, but his father was from Jungshan county, Guangdong (Kwantung) province, China. John obtained a private pilot’s license at the Portland Flying School, Oregon, and he went to China in 1932 to join the Guangdong (Cantonese) Provincial Air Force. John shot down 1.5 Japanese bombers over Nanking on August 15, 1937. Wong flew a Boeing 248, No. 1701 in his first four victories, and later a Gloster Gladiator in 1938. On August 15, 20 Japanese bombers G3M’s attacked Nanking. Pan-Yang leading a group of Boeing P-26 “Peashooters” from the 13th PS attacked a flight of 6 Mitsubishi G3M Bombers and the group shot down all the bombers without any losses.

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