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Clawed by a Wildcat


Lt. Charles Shields, VF-41, flying a Grumman F4F Wildcat from the aircraft carrier USS Ranger was in combat off the coast of North Africa during “Operation Torch” November 8, 1942. On that day, in the early morning, two D520s surprised Shields, however, the young pilot turned into the threat and dropped the lead French fighter. Hardly catching his breath, Shields spotted 3 more aircraft directly over the field. When he dove toward the trio, Shields found Vichy Hawks pursuing a lone Wildcat, piloted by Lt Chuck August. The 2 Americans turned the tables on the Vichy pilots, shooting both Curtis Hawk 75s fighters down.
After strafing the airfield with the last of his ammunition, Shields was bounced by 4 more Hawks and had to abandon his aircraft. As he hung helplessly from his chute, he was surprised, then angry, to see the Hawks lining up on him. They intended to shoot him while he hung unprotected in midair.
Desperate, Shields shot it out with his 45 pistol as the Vichy Hawks buzzed him, occasionally firing at the lone American. Neither side scored, and Shields descended to the ground and was captured. He was not alone. Several other Navy Wildcat pilots spent a few days as prisoners of war.

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