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A Twisted Tale


Somewhere in a French airfield, circa 1917, the French Bomber of the Black Cat Squadron was damaged and hit. The little mascot "Kitty Hawk," fitted with a special harness, flew sorties with Pilot Bernard Delfino and Bombardier Leroi Clair. Fortunately, everyone survived the crash but mascot Kitty Hawk suffered a twisted tail. The French medic is bandaging the mascot's tail, and the onlookers, of the French Air Corps, are mystified by all the attention Kitty is receiving, and the strange and eccentric behavior of Pilot and Bombadier.

Roy Grinnell's inspiration for "A Twisted Tale" was a labor of love in recognition of the long time friendship he shares with his best friend, and fellow aviation enthusiast Bernard Delfino, who lives in France. When Roy found out that Bernard was ill and going through some very difficult medical treatments, he decided to paint "A Twisted Tale" to cheer Bernard up. Bernard's cat "Kitty Hawk" is prominently featured in the painting getting into trouble as usual. She is one of those kitty's who loves adventure, especially climbing up on the roof and being rescued by Bernard….Roy and Bernard are still " boys at heart" trying not to take life so seriously and still finding humor in difficult situations.

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